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PhD Thesis

S. S. Masoumzadeh, Autonomic Management of Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centers Using Machine Learning , University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science, 2018.

Journal Articles

S. Brienza, S.E. Cebeci, S. S. Masoumzadeh, H. Hlavacs, O. Ozkasap, G. Anastasi,A Survey of Energy Efficiency in P2P Systems:File Distribution, Content Streaming and Epidemics, ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), vol. 48, Issue 3, February 2016.

S. S. Masoumzadeh, K. Meshgi, S. S. Ghidari, and G. Taghizadeh, FQL-RED {: an adaptive scalable schema for active queue management, International Journal of Network Management, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 147-167, 2011.

Book Chapters

S. Brienza, S.E. Cebeci, S. S. Masoumzadeh, H. Hlavacs, O. Ozkasap, G. Anastasi,Energy Efficiency in P2P Systems and Applications,In Jean-Marc Pierson editors, Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Energy Efficiency: A holistic view, Wiley, 2014.

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

S. S. Masoumzadeh, H.Hlavacs and L. Tomas A Self-Adaptive Performance-Aware Capacity Controller in Overbooked Datacenters, 2016 International Conference on Cloud and Autonomic Computing (ICCAC), Augsburg, 2016, pp. 12-23 Received The Best Paper Award.

S. S. Masoumzadeh, H.Hlavacs A Gossip-Based Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation Strategy for Large-Scale Cloud Data Centers, Proc.Third International Workshop on Adaptive Resource Management and Scheduling for Cloud Computing, Chicago, 2016, pp. 28-34. 

S. S. Masoumzadeh and H.Hlavacs, A Cooperative Multi Agent Learning Approach to Manage Physical Host Nodes for Dynamic Consolidation of Virtual Machines,2015 IEEE Fourth Symposium on Network Cloud Computing and Applications (NCCA), Munich, 2015, pp. 43-50.

S. S. Masoumzadeh and H.Hlavacs, Integrating VM Selection Criteria in Distributed Dynamic VM Consolidation Using Fuzzy Q-Learning, Proc.9th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Zurich, 2013, pp. 332-338-338, Oct. 2013. 

S. S. Masoumzadeh and H. Hlavacs, An Intelligent and Adaptive Threshold-Based Schema for Energy and Performance Efficient Dynamic VMs Consolidation, in Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Distributed Systems, Vienna, 2013, pp. 85-97.

F. K. Hedayati, S. S. Masoumzadeh, and S. Khorsandi, SAFS: A self adaptive fuzzy based scheduler for real time services in WiMAX system, 9th International Conference on Communication(COMM 2012), pp. 247-250, 2012.

S. S. Masoumzadeh, G. Taghizadeh, K. Meshgi, and S. Shiry, Deep Blue: A Fuzzy Q-Learning Enhanced Active Queue Management Scheme, 2009 International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems(ICAIS{'09), pp. 43-48, 2009.


R. Sabzevari, S. Masoumzadeh, M. R. Ghahroudi, Employing ANFIS for object detection in robo-pong, Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 707-712, 14-17 July, 2008. 

R. Sabzevari, A. Shahri, A. R. Fasih, S. S. Masoumzadeh, and M. R. Ghahroudi,Object detection and localization system based on neural networks for Robo-Pong, in 2008 5th International Symposium on Mechatronics and Its Applications, 2008, pp. 1-6. 


Peer-reviewed Conference Articles (In Persian)

S. S. Masoumzadeh, S.Shiry, K.Meshgi, Adaptive Mutation in Evolution Strategy using Fuzzy Q-Learning, The 13th International CSI Computer Conference, (CSICC{'08), Kish Island, Iran, 2008.

G.Taghizadeh, A.M.Eftekhari, S. S. Masoumzadeh, opt-aiNET Algorithm for Dimension Reduction Based on Artificial Immune Systems, The 4th Iran Data Mining Conference, (IDMC{'10), Tehran, Iran, 2010.

G.Taghizadeh, S. S. Masoumzadeh, EAIS:Evolutionary Artificial Immune System for Feature Selection, 5th International conference on Data Mining, (IDMC{'11), Tehran, Iran, 2011. 

Poster Presentation

S. S. Masoumzadeh and H. Hlavacs, Intelligent DecisionMaking in Distributed Dynamic VM Consolidation Using Fuzzy Q-Learning; In 31st International Symposium on Computer Performance, Modeling, Measurements and Evaluation,2013.

L. Tomas, S. S. Masoumzadeh and H. Hlavacs, Self-Adaptive Capacity Controller: A Reinforcement Learning Approach; In 13th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC), Wurzburg, 2016, pp. 233-234. 

S. S. Masoumzadeh and H. Hlavacs, Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation: A Multi Agent Learning Approach; In 12th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC), Grenoble, 2015, pp. 161-162.

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